Blocky Farm

Blocky Farm is an indie farm management game with beautiful blocky graphics. Enter a peaceful world with a vibrant community, where you'll manage farmland, take care of your animals, and deliver goods to the citizens in your town. Start small and build towards the Blocky Farm of your dreams online or in offline mode!

How to Play Blocky Farm

Blocky Farm involves you in all aspects of the farming life, from harvesting fields of wheat to fishing for unique species, all the way to delivering your fresh goods to the townspeople!

The game is animal friendly, with no animals harmed in gameplay and a unique system of loving animal interactions. You can play Blocky Farm online or offline anywhere you want! The game gives you exceptional control over the operation of your farm.

Build Your Farm

Build and expand your farm into a beautiful paradise with an abundance of fresh produce to sell to the townspeople. There are numerous structures and upgrades you can obtain by earning XP, leveling up, and earning rewards that contribute to higher productivity.

Join the Community

Not only do you build and manage your farm, you can also get involved in the daily operations of the farm so you can experience the life of a hard-working farmer. Drive your tractor through the fields to collect crops, go fishing, and deliver fresh goods and make friends with your neighbors. There are even regular competitions and global events where you can compete with other farmers in the community.

Farm Management Games

Farm management games are a popular choice with an easy-going play style. Most farming games have a focus on building an aesthetically pleasant farm while expanding and growing the business. Many farming games also offer online modes that let you interact, trade, and compete with other farmers. Some popular online farming games include Big Farm, Big Farm New Harvest, and Klondike.


  • Build a farm in beautiful 3D graphics
  • Upgrade and unlock new features for higher productivity
  • Produce a wide range of products to sell on the market
  • Drive goods produced by your farm to your friendly neighbors
  • Join regular online events with other farmers, or play offline anywhere!

Release Date

  • October 2017 (iOS)
  • April 2018 (Android)
  • May 2019 (HTML5)


Blocky Farm is made by Jet Toast.


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS



Press the left mouse button to interact in the game.
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