Arkanoid is an awesome arcade game with similarities to the iconic Super Breakout. In this game you must control a ball with your paddle and attempt to break all of the colored panels on each level. Fire your initial ball using the left click mouse button, and use your mouse to control the movement of your paddle - be sure to move quickly and anticipate the path of the ball.

As you destroy the colored panels, different power-ups will drop from the top of the level such as multi balls, a lazer cannon and a larger panel. Work your way through the different levels and try to complete each one with a high score. With a plethora of different rounds and panel configurations, this game has great playability and is a huge amount of fun!

Release Date

Arkanoid was originally released in 1986 as a NES game. This HTML5 browser version was released in January 2018.


Taito Games made Arkanoid.


  • Three difficulty levels with a different score multiplier and speed
  • Nice music
  • Many power-ups to be picked up


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)



  • Left click to launch the ball
  • Move your mouse to control the pedal
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