Anime Fighters CR

Anime Fighters CR is an awesome retro platform fighting game with similarities to legendary titles such as Street Fighter and Teken. In this title you take control of some awesome and iconic Anime cartoon characters from epic series such as Naruto and Dragonball Z.

Use a combination of punches and kicks to unleash devastation on your opponent and also to build up your special bar. Don't forget to use your special attacks and try to avoid your opponents attacks too. The controls are simple - WASD keys to move, and UIJKL keys to perform attacks and rolls. You can play 1on1 vs an AI opponent, and you can even play dual control battles with your friends! Step into the anime arena today and start fighting!

Release Date

October 2015


  • Many anime characters to be used
  • There are various combo attacks that you can use
  • Training mode to sharpen your skill
  • Original voices


  • Web browser

Player 1 controls

  • WASD to move
  • U to use skill
  • I to roll
  • J to attack
  • K to jump

Player 2 controls

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Numpad 4 to use skill
  • Numpad 6 to roll
  • Numpad 1 to attack
  • Numpad 2 to jump
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