Ancient Beast

Ancient Beast is a multiplayer turn-based battle game in which you can summon several fierce beasts to fight. Before you start a match, you can customize the battle options. Your main character is a dark priest and he uses plasma to summon creatures. The primary goal of the game is to kill the opponent's dark priest. Use your beasts to help you in your fight by destroying the opponent's beasts. Use the available skills wisely and pay attention to the energy; you can't do many skills when you don't have enough energy, but it can recharge when you are idle. Practice makes perfect, so keep trying out beasts combinations and strategies to dominate your opponent. Good luck!



Use left mouse button to choose actions.

Developer & Technology

Ancient Beast is currently under development by Vali, a Romanian indie developer, using HTML5 (and Blender for the graphics). You can support the project on PayPal or by donating some Bitcoin. You can also follow it on Twitter.
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