Sum Blocks

Sum Blocks

Sum blocks is the quick thinking math game in which you need to quickly calculate sums by using blocks to add up to required figure and complete the problem, use hints if you become stuck. Complete levels as quickly as you can to progress as there are 50 levels to complete.

Test you mental arithmetic skills to add the numbers up correctly and use the right blocks as some blocks intersect with each other making the challenge even more difficult. Enjoy these brain teasing games to sharpen your thinking skills and have fun whilst you are doing. Time to get your thinking cap on!

Release Date

May 2018


Sum Blocks was made by Elio Landa.


  • A challenging math game with block objects
  • Hint feature
  • Drag and drop controls
  • More than 50 levels to beat


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Drag left mouse button to move a block.