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Memory Games

Play any of these games to improve your memory! This curated selection of free online memory games features various titles that prompt you to memorize patterns and remember places.

Improve Your Memory

Most games make you use your memory to some extent. But memory games put your mind to the test, sometimes requiring detailed and precise recollection skills. Using your memory frequently in brain-training games is a great way to keep your mind active and healthy.

As people become more conscious about improving their working memory and maintaining their brain’s ‘plasticity’, there are more apps and games being released that help you keep your mind sharp. You can play many of those games here.

Matching Games

The matching game known as ‘concentration’ is another classic memory game. In this game you play with a set of cards placed face down. You must remember the cards you have previously overturned to match pairs.

Memorization Games

Some memory games are based on memorizing patterns and repeating them correctly, in the most basic sense. Incremental Memory is a game about memorizing and choosing the correct tiles. Check it out to see how good your memory is!

More Brain Games

Improve your brain generally by playing games in these other brain-teasing categories:


What are the most popular Memory Games?

  1. Master Chess
  2. Crocword
  3. Yummy Waffle Ice Cream
  4. Find Bird
  5. Quick Pixel Puzzles
  6. Hello Kitty – Activity Book
  7. Unscrew Jam 3D
  8. Bathroom Escape
  9. FreeCell Blue
  10. Microsoft Jigsaw

What are the best Memory Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Master Chess
  2. Quick Pixel Puzzles
  3. Find Bird
  4. Crocword
  5. FreeCell Blue

What are Memory Games?

Memory games help to improve your memory by prompting you to recall patterns correctly. Various games make you use your memory to get better at playing, from analyzing card positions to remembering sequences correctly.

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