Idle Fight

Idle Fight is…. As you guessed it an idle fighter game! You control a hero who automatically fights a range of different enemies and monsters. It is your task to improve your fighters stats and turn them into a true behemoth that can conquer any foe! As your hero fights, they collect gold for each enemy the defeat – you can use this gold to purchase upgrades including improved damage, improved HP and improved accuracy.

The cost of each stat increase incrementally but you also fight more difficult opponents too so the amount of gold you earn from each battle also increases. You can also unlock special skills after each block of levels that provide a large stat increase – you can choose from one of three stats such as an increased damage % or an increase in speed. This game has great playability and you can leave it to run whilst you are away from the keyboard too! Can you train an epic warrior and conquer the Idle fight?

Release Date

Orcober 29, 2017


Idle Fight is developed by Truefire, who has previously created other awesome idle games such as MineQuest, Idlefall, and Idle Roller..


  • Various upgradable statuses that can make your character stronger
  • New visual appearances for equipment


  • Desktop browser


Left click to buy an upgrade.
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