Geometry Dash Extra

Geometry Dash Extra is an awesome platform game that adds additional content onto the original Geometry Dash game. The aim is simple - you must guide your cute pink square across a never-ending series of obstacles and platforms. You cannot hit any of the spikes otherwise you must restart from the beginning! This might sound easy but you must have quick reactions and fast fingers!

Use the keyboard up arrow or space bar to jump - time your jumps perfectly to avoid hitting the spikes and try to travel for as long as possible! With 7 different levels of difficulty this game is a great extension and provides a huge amount of fun and challenge. Can you guide your geometric shape to the end and conquer all the obstacles?

Release Date

January 2016


  • 7 challenging level options
  • Nice iconic music
  • You can see the number of attempts


This game is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).


Use left mouse button, space bar, or W to jump.
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