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Curvytron is a brilliant multiplayer io game that takes inspiration from the original snake game. This game has similar properties to other popular titles such as CurveFever and snake game. You must control a large growing snake and compete against other players to try and survive for the longest period.

You must avoid hitting any of the lines on the playing field and of course other snakes too. You must also look for the various power-ups on the map that can give you an advantage. Can you become a Curvytron champion? Have fun!

Release Date

Curvytron was initially released in May 2015 and was updated in January 2019.


Curvytron is made by MacMinty.


  • A fun multiplayer Snake game with Tron elements
  • Create or join already existing rooms
  • Customizable player's color
  • Many power-ups in the match


Curvytron is a web browser game


The controls are customizable according to your preference.