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Horse Games

Horse Simulator

The most played horse game is Horse Simulator 3D. This game puts you in the hooves of a horse living on a beautiful island. It’s a wonderful 3D world where you can horse around doing various tasks that go beyond neighing and eating hay.

Horse Racing

If you’d rather race a horse than be one, check out My Pony: My Little Race, a cute pony racing game. For horse racing as a sport, Horse Racing Derby Quest puts you in the boots of a jockey. Gallop to the finish line and secure victory in this traditional racing title.

More Horse Games

Horses can exist in a wide range of scenarios beyond racing.

Charger Escape is a brilliant puzzle game where you have to rescue your thoroughbred horse so that you can race again and bring it home safely! Browse the rest of the page for more free horse games!


What are the most popular Horse Games?

  1. Horse Simulator 3D
  2. My Pony: My Little Race
  3. Horse Racing Derby Quest
  4. Horseback Survival
  5. Horse Cart Transport Taxi Game
  6. Cookie Delivery
  7. Star Stable
  8. Singing Horses
  9. Charger Escape
  10. Racehorse Tycoon

What are the best Horse Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Horse Racing Derby Quest
  2. My Pony: My Little Race
  3. Horseback Survival
  4. Cookie Delivery
  5. Racehorse Tycoon

What are Horse Games?

Do you enjoy all things equestrian? Horse games let you ride, race, and even become a horse, if you’re so inclined. The most popular horse games involve racing. You can race through deserts and around tracks to secure a win. Failing that, you can just run around doing horse stuff!

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