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Play free brain games in your web browser and improve your thinking skills! Train your brain while having fun in the newest and best brain games.

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Brain games are more than your average puzzle game. They train your mind to think logically and recall patterns to solve problems. Improve your brain by coming back daily. In this category, we’ve curated some of the best brain games to put your mind to work!

Play The Best Brain Games


The best brain game for you depends on what genre you like. If you enjoy mahjong, there are some particularly challenging mahjong games like Mahjong Dark Dimensions that are well worth checking out.


For a tricky logic puzzle game with oddly satisfying gameplay, Cups - Water Sort Puzzle is a must-play title where you sort colored liquids into bottles with increasingly difficult situations. Another one of our greatest brain games is Bloxorz, a stone-cold classic from the Flash games era.


Memory games are a really effective way of sharpening up those recall skills. What Simon Says features an increasingly complex sequence of events that you must watch and repeat until you can no longer remember correctly. This is a great way to train your brain!


Math isn’t for everyone, but it certainly improves your numerical skills. Sudoku is an excellent combination of math and puzzle. Math Push is a cool platformer where you move blocks to solve mathematical expressions.


What are the most popular Brain Games?

  1. Cups - Water Sort Puzzle
  2. Drop & Merge the Numbers
  3. Blocks Fill Tangram
  4. Logica Emotica
  5. Genius Mechanic
  6. Bloxorz
  7. Sundwich
  8. Nullify
  9. Chess Master
  10. Grow Island

What are the best Brain Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Chess Master
  2. Same Game
  3. Twenty
  4. Cups - Water Sort Puzzle
  5. Dude in a Box

What are some underrated Brain Games?

  1. 2048
  2. Free Tetris

What are Brain Games?

Brain games feature problem-solving puzzles that may help improve one or more aspects of your cognition. They can feature abstract logic, math, memory recall, and sometimes questions similar to those you may find on an IQ test.

We collected 40 of the best free online brain games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new brain games such as and top brain games such as Cups - Water Sort Puzzle, Drop & Merge the Numbers, and Blocks Fill Tangram.
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