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WoW Connect 2

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August 2020
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

WoW Connect 2 is a mahjong game where you connect images from the game World of Warcraft. Choose whether to play as Horde or The Alliance and clear the board of all its tiles. The mahjong boards range in difficulty and design depending on how far you get in the game.

How to Play

Shatter the tiles

WoW Connect 2 combines the excitement, abilities, and stories of Word of Warcraft with the traditional game of mahjong. Match two tiles of the same type to remove them from the board with a fierce bolt of lightning. You can't connect tiles if others block them.

Use your abilities

In true RPG fashion, you have unique abilities at the bottom of the screen. These vary depending on the class that you choose. Use them to help clear the tiles quicker; they don't cost anything. However, there's a cooldown period before you can use an ability again.

Take back Azeroth

Conquer Azeroth using the power of mahjong and win the long war between the races once and for all in WoW Connect 2. As you travel the map, zapping tiles away with your magic, the battles will increase in difficulty. Make sure to hold onto your 6 lives for later levels.

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  • It's mahjong with explosions, magic, and epic music
  • Special abilities help you blast the tiles into oblivion
  • Various levels that increase in difficulty as you travel
  • Play as either Horde or The Alliance and settle the score


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Click or tap on a tile to highlight it, then select a tile with the same face to clear it from the board. You'll also click/tap the skills at the bottom of the screen to use them.