Whack the Thief


Stop the burglar from infiltrating your bedroom!

As you sit playing on your games console, you are rudely interrupted by a would-be thief - how do you react and defend your house? Whack the Thief lets you test out your defensive skills and thwart the burglar in a variety of hilarious and gruesome ways. If you are squeamish or do not like violence, then this game may not be for you! It is truly no holds barred and the kid you are controlling truly knows how to dish out the pain!

As the thief enters your room, you can select a range of different tools and potential weapons and then watch the cut-scene to see how you dispatch the intruder. Maybe you will choose the tennis racquet on the armchair? Maybe you will use the sack hanging on the fireplace? Maybe you will simply run away through the side-door? The choice is yours and you can replay the level to try out each different ending. After playing this game, you will certainly feel safer in your own home!


  • Smooth graphics and fun music
  • Simple mouse-based controls
  • Fun range of endings and cut-scenes


This game is solely a flash based web-browser game available on any popular browser that has the Flash plug-in installed such as Google Chrome and Firefox.


Whack the Thief was created by Brutal Studio, who are responsible for a large catalogue of browser games such as Punch The Trump, Whack Your Ex, and Whack The Creeps.



Whack the thief who is trying to rob your home! Use your mouse to play this game.

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