Vampyre: World at Stake

Vampyre: World at Stake is a turn-based vampire game in which you are the world last hope. The vampire king has summoned all of its evil subjects to enslave the world. You are determined not to let that happen and have begun to fight back against the evil vampire.

You will be thrown into intense battle sequences that you must win by using a combination of moves and powers. You will need to defeat all of the vampire hoards to rid them off of the earth. As you win battles, you will get experience on how to beat the opponents efficiently. Good Luck!

Release Date

October 2018


Michael Dobekidis made this game.


  • A turn-based battle game with a vampire theme
  • Free to roam the battle map
  • Various powerful spells
  • Upgradeable character's power


This game is a web browser game.



Use left mouse button to do an action.
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