Ultimate Boxing

Ultimate Boxing is a fun and engaging boxing simulator in which you can work to become a professional boxing champion! The controls are straightforward - use your mouse and left-click buttons in various motions to perform devastating haymakers, uppercuts and jabs. Use a deadly combination of punches to knock out your enemy, but don't forget to guard and block too!

As you progress you will fight a variety of different opponents as your rank increases. This game is a fantastic boxing simulator and for any sports fan, you will find this game addictive! Can you pull on your gloves and show your metal in the ring?

Release Date

September 2015


Ultimate Boxing was developed by Code This Lab.

Also Known As

Boxing Club


  • Two realistic boxers to play with
  • A complete boxing experience in which you can do different punches, including a jab and block the attacks
  • Health and stamina bars


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)



  • Left click to punch
  • Drag left mouse button upside to do a jab
  • Drag left mouse button right and left to do side punch
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