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Boxing Stars


Boxing Stars is a 2D fighting game featuring several characters and tournaments to fight in. Choose your fighter and punch, dodge, and block your way to the championship. Upgrade your stats with the money you earn.

How to Play

Build your fighter

Select one of the cartoony Boxing Stars available and click fight. Your boxing career starts in the boxing underground, where you’ll make a name for yourself. You can improve your health, defense, power, and stamina regeneration using the money you earn in battle.

Fight to the championship

Once you’ve improved your fighter’s abilities and earned enough money, you can buy your way into the Boxing Club. The fighters are tougher and you’ll earn more money there. From there, you’ll swing your way to the tournament and championship.

Game Tips

  • Block attacks to wear the other fighter out
  • Attack more aggressively when they're out of stamina
  • Move-in on your opponent to reduce their mobility
  • Find your weak spots and upgrade them

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Boxing Stars is a game made by Inlogic Software. Their other games include Idle Zoo and Fishing.io. For more games like this, check out our boxing or fighting games collection. Popular titles include Striker Dummies and the classic Super Smash Flash.

Release Date

August 2021


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


  • A = knockdown punch
  • S = block attacks
  • D = knockback punch
  • Left and right arrow keys = move