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The Depths Idle


The Depths Idle is an addictive and fun idle mining game. The aim is to mine as many resources as quickly and efficiently as possible using your team of dedicated miners and then turn these resources into gold! Before you can start mining you must first drill down through the surface. You can upgrade your drill in the drill tab so it progresses deeper and reaches more valuable resources. Once you have drilled, you can employ miners to collect resources - using the mining tab you can hire more workers and improve their collection rate.

You can also trade your resources for different materials in the shop tab. Keep drilling further down, but give your drill time to cooldown and only return to the surface when you have a large chunk of materials. When you return to the surface, your workforce is reset, but you keep your accumulated wealth. This game requires great concentration and resource management but you can leave it running if you need to dash and your miners will continue to work! Can you build a successful mining operation and collect a vast array of wealth and precious materials?


The Depths Idle is developed by omgnoob191, a famous Russian idle game developer who has also developed Tabletop Idle among other popular idle games.

How to play

Drill and hire Bob to start mining resources. Hire others workers and return to the surface to buy various upgrades.


Use the left mouse button to play.