The Black Knight: Get Medieval

The Black Knight: Get Medieval is a fun smash and attack game in which you control the legendary black knight! The king is unhappy as his citizens are not paying their taxes! He tasks the black knight with restoring order to his land and teaching the citizens a lesson to pay their taxes promptly!

Walk through the city and smash anyone in sight with your huge club - when you smash them they will give their taxes! The gameplay is simple and engaging - you must time your smashes carefully - any missed hits will result in your black knight becoming stunned for a short amount of time. Make sure you collect the required amount of taxes before you progress to the next level. Can you help the king regain his lost taxes?

Release Date

April 2005


The Black Knight: Get Medieval was made by Brain Jam Studios.


  • Straightforward smashing game to collect the required gold in each level
  • Missed smash makes you unable to attack for a brief period
  • You can charge attack to release "Get Medieval" to deal area damage
  • Buyable new weapons and items between levels
  • Watch out for the witch that can turn you into a pig


  • Web browser


Use left mouse button to attack, hold until the bar is full to release "Get Medieval!".
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