Tactical Weapon Pack

Tactical Weapon Pack is a cool shooting game. The aim is simple – you must shoot a myriad of moving targets with some cool weapons. You start off with a basic set of weapons and as you progress you can unlock new ones such as a different range of machine guns and submachine guns.

You can compete against other players from around the world for the highest possible score. Before you start ranked matches, however, you can complete practice games to improve your accuracy and skill. This really is an awesome shooter game – can you unlock the tactical weapon pack?

Release Date

November 2018


XWILKINX developed Tactical Weapon Pack.


  • Two game types: Ranked and Practice
  • Four game modes in the Ranked match
  • A level system to access more weapons
  • Customizable loadouts


Web browser



  • Left mouse button to shoot
  • R to reload
  • Q or number keys to switch weapon
  • F to use a barrel attachment
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