Super Color Combat

Super Color Combat is a fast and bright stickman tournament fighting game with retro style. Defeat each enemy until you reach the boss, and become the stick champion!

Release Date

July 2020


Super Color Combat is made by KBbasic16.


Web browser


Menu and Character Selection Controls

  • W/S - Up and Down
  • A/D - Change The Frame Rate
  • K - Select/Punch Button
  • L - Unselect/Kick Button

Fighting Controls (Keyboard)

  • WASD - Move, Jump, Duck
  • K - Punch
  • L - Kick
  • ; - Block
  • O - Run
  • Enter - Pause

Fight Combos and Super Moves

  • Jump + Attack = Jump attack
  • Duck + Punch = Uppercut
  • Duck + Kick = Sweep
  • Block + Run = Breaker

Fighting Controls (Gamepad with Xbox Setup)

  • Arrows/Analog Stick - Move, Jump, Duck
  • X - Punch
  • Y - Kick
  • RT/R2 - Block
  • RB/R1 - Run
  • Start - Pause

2 Player Controls

2nd player must have a controller. The controls are the same for both controllers.
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