Super Brawl

Super Brawl

Super Brawl is a frantic and intense multiplayer game in which you must try and eliminate the other players using your cute character. Your character is small but potent and can use a myriad of weapons. You must move around the level, shooting your guns while trying to survive.

Don’t forget to pick up weapons and equipment from around the map to help your battles. Can you reign as the champion of the Super Brawl?

Release Date

January 2019


This game is made by Rémi Vansteelandt aka remvst.


  • Real-time battle
  • 2D side-scrolling graphics
  • Several weapons to use, including a plasma gun and rocket launcher
  • An option to play with bots
  • Two game modes: Deathmatch and King of the Hill


Web browser


  • X to jump
  • C to shoot
  • Left or right arrow to move
  • Tab to open the scoreboard
  • Esc/P to pause
  • Y to chat