Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal

Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal is an awesome and intense game in which you must control an epic robot unicorn and guide it through the hellish fantasy land. Your unicorn moves forward automatically – you must simply control the creatures jumping ability and power dashes. You must time your jump and dashes perfectly and avoid crashing into any objects or falling off of the platforms.

See how long you can progress for through this unearthly land and listen to the awesome heavy metal music as you dash! You have three attempts to score as many points as possible – once your three tries are over; your score is totalled together! Can you conquer hell and guide your Robot Unicorn through this labyrinth? if you enjoy this third instalment, why not try the prequel?

Release Date

October 2010


Adult Swim made Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal.


  • Heavy metal song, Battlefield by Blind Guardian
  • Three lives
  • Nice artwork and dazzling animations


  • Web browser
  • iOS



  • Z to jump, click twice to double jump
  • X to use Dash of Death

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