Pixels Filling Squares DX

Pixels Filling Squares DX is the deluxe version of the awesome Pixels Filling Squares idle browser game. The deluxe version of this fantastic idle game features a faster pixel generation rate and improved graphics and gameplay. The aim is simple – you must generate as many pixels as possible and eventually generate enough to prestige; once you prestige your pixel count is reset but you gain an income boost and skill points.

The pixels generate automatically and you can purchase upgrades to improve the rate at which they generate. As the pixels fill up the squares, you can collect them whenever you wish – collecting the pixels resets the counter and the generation starts from the beginning again. As you progress you unlock additional blocks of pixels and you can also progress to the next level of generation – the pixels are tiered so get the base level as high as possible which will in turn improve your generation rate for the subsequent levels etc. Have a go at this brilliant deluxe version today and see how many pixels you can collect!


Pixels Filling Squares is developed by Moczan.


Left click to play.
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