Pixels Filling Squares 3.0

Pixels filling squares 3.0 is the third version of the fun idle game that proved so popular. In this idle clicking game the aim is simple - you must generate as many pixels as possible and work to purchase various upgrades to increase your output and processing speed. The pixels fill a set number of squares automatically - you can speed up this process by clicking your left mouse button.

For each square you fill, you gain points and you can use these points to purchase upgrades and improvements for your pixel filling operation. As you progress the playing area increases and you can improve the speed at which you generate pixels. You can also purchase new pixels models. If you enjoy this third iteration, why not try the deluxe edition?

Release Date

March 2018


Pixels Filling Squares 3.0 is developed by Moczan, who you can support on Patreon.


  • Fun clicker-idle game to watch the pixels filling the empty squares
  • Five different generators to use
  • Boost time feature to speed up the process
  • Improved gameplay


Web browser


Use left mouse button to play.
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