Pixels Filling Squares

Pixels Filling Squares does exactly as it says – a series of pixels slowly fill up a section of blocks and you must collect the pixels to progress. This idle game has a unique concept and is quite addictive despite its simple gameplay and interface. As the pixels build up and fill squares, you can collect rewards – if you collect, the pixel counter resets and starts filling up from the beginning.

If the pixels fill all of the blocks, you can either collect or increase the total number of blocks – this also resets the pixel counter to zero. As you progress you can increase the rate at which the pixels generate, and also increase the number of overall blocks available to fill. Each set of pixels has a zoom level and a generation – this adds an extra layer of complexity and playability to the game. How many pixels will you collect? Will you reach the last generation?


Pixels Filling Squares is developed by Moczan, who you can support on Patreon.



Left click to play.

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