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Gamerina Games

Gamerina is a game development company that specializes in girls' games. Gamerina is previously Idea Studios.


What are the most popular Gamerina Games?

  1. Highschool Mean Girls 3
  2. Wendy Soft Girl Makeup
  3. Festival Vibes Makeup
  4. New Year Makeup Trends
  5. Valentine's Day Couple Date
  6. Monsterella Fantasy Makeup
  7. Ice Skating Ballerina
  8. Makeup Studio Glam Diva
  9. Highschool Mean Girls
  10. Glamour Beach Life

What are the best Gamerina Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Highschool Mean Girls 3
  2. Festival Vibes Makeup
  3. Wendy Soft Girl Makeup
  4. Monsterella Fantasy Makeup
  5. Mega Dressup - Seasons Best

What are Gamerina Games?

Join the girls of Gamerina Studio (formerly Idea Studios) on their quest to become beautiful in this collection of fun and stylish games. From fashion makeovers to spa treatments, each game is sure to delight and inspire.

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