Take revenge on your boss in style in the Manhunt game. Manhunt is a stealth game in which you control an assassin that needs to take down the guards and the final boss. Your character is called Cash - in this bloody video game you must kill your boss. You are surrounded by guards however and must avoid detection.

This fun and intense game has great level design and simple top-down graphics. Each part of the game has several guards that you must eliminate. Your character has a red detection radar - if the guards step within this circle, they will hunt you down.

Use stealth and become a silent killer

The key is to choose which guards to kill first and use the stealth feature to your advantage. Each level has a certain kill order and you must think carefully about your choices - if you alert the guards they will destroy you!

As the game progresses you pick up different weapons such as plastic bags, a lethal injection, and an ax. The weapons are used in cool cut-scenes that show you dispatching the guards. Think about your actions carefully as if you put a foot wrong, you have to start again from the beginning!

Using characters and storylines from other famous games

Manhunt has similarities to the game of the same name produced by Rockstar North - this game used a brutal killer called James Earl Cash who became an assassin in Carcer City - the city used in Grand Theft Auto, created by Rockstar Games.


Jacob Dzwinel, Michal Gawad, and David Nowak developed Manhunt.


Web browser



  • Press arrow keys to move
  • Hold shift to walk slowly
  • Use Z to attack
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