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Mahjong 3D


Mahjong 3D is a 3D mahjong game offering timed challenges. Click two matching blocks to clear them, and complete as many matches as you can before your time is up!

Mahjong 3D - How to Play

Match tiles

This 3D mahjong game is much like regular mahjong solitaire, but the tiles are arranged in 3-dimensional space and the tiles are not in the traditional mahjong style.

You can move the cube of tiles around freely to find matches. You can only match mahjong tiles with at least one of their left or right sides free.

Progress to harder challenges

Once you’ve completed the first cube, you’ll get a larger cube to contend with next. This process continues until you’ve run out of time. At the end of the game, you’re rewarded with a high score to try and outdo next time.


You can use 4 free instant matches and 2 shuffles throughout the game to help when you’re stuck.

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Release Date

February 2020


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


  • Left click to clear the tiles
  • Drag left mouse button to rotate
  • Use the mouse scroll to zoom in/out