Legends of Honor

Join fast-paced battles and build a strategic empire in Legends of Honor. With a focus on fast-paced PvP combat, you must think fast, but also be equally as smart and organized in building your empire. Construct mighty buildings, level up your hero, and fight opponents for loot.

Legends of Honor


Building is as essential as battling is in Legends of Honor. The way you structure and organize the layout of your kingdom is paramount for efficiency and production. You can build a range of structures from stone quarries to treasuries for collecting coins. Buildings can be upgraded for higher productivity too.


Keeping your citizens happy is part of your empire that requires you to build your layouts carefully and restructure where necessary. Damaged buildings and excessive housing both contribute to lowering the happiness of your people. Building decorations around the city will increase happiness. A happy population is more productive, and enhanced production speed is precisely what you need to become stronger, faster!


The fast-paced action of Legends of Honor is the appeal of the game over other strategy titles. Earn XP and level up your hero for greater strength. Maximizing your resource potential to grow your army quickly will result in more power to take on bigger enemies with lucrative items to loot.


Goodgame Studios develop Legends of Honor. Other popular games developed by Goodgame Studios include Big Farm and the frequently updated Goodgame Empire.


Legends of Honor is available as a web browser game and as an Android app.



Use your mouse to play this game.

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