KiX Dream Soccer

If you love soccer, then you will really enjoy KiX Dream Soccer. This is an amazing sports game that is both fun and challenging. You can control a team of players in soccer matches, but you must also control their formation and tactics.

Each move and pass is important so you must consider your options carefully and try to be as efficient as possible with the ball. You can play different game modes and also buy items and new kits for example.

Release Date

December 2018 (Android). April 2019 (HTML5).


This game is made by KiX Games.


  • Three game modes: Story, World Supper Cup, and Dream Cup
  • Different tactic options to use
  • Manually control the players on the field
  • You are free to define how you like to play
  • Buyable new players and items
  • Fullscreen available


  • Web browser
  • Android



Press left mouse button to move. Drag left mouse button to pass/shoot.
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