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Dumb Ways to Die

(20,486 votes)
September 2019
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), App Store(Android)
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Dumb Ways to Die is a casual game where the player’s goal is to protect an animated character, initially labeled as “dunce”, from a multitude of challenges. Originally a PSA campaign commissioned by Metro Trains in Melbourne, the safety first message soon became even more popularized via a video game.

How to Play Dumb Ways to Die

The essential element to succeed in Dumb Ways to Die is speed. The characters you are trying to save need to be alert and quick to get out of potentially very risky situations.

Some of the situations you encounter include running as fast as you can to put out a fire on your character’s head; carefully spreading mustard on your hot dog before a rattlesnake bites your nose; destroying asteroids to avoid getting squashed by them; spinning your character in the opposite direction of a washing machine’s spin cycle to survive.

You’re given several challenges to complete with the objective of reaching a target score to get to the next character you will have to save.

Seems simple enough, but where it gets tricky is that there is a tight time limit to complete fairly simple tasks. The more time you waste, the faster you have to go.

Tips and Tricks

Precision and speed are key. Find that perfect balance between the two to gain enough points to take you to the next level.

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Release Date

October 2016 (Android). September 2019 (HTML5).


Metro Trains made Dumb Ways to Die Original.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android


Use the left mouse button to play the game.


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