Idle Hacker

Idle Hacker lets you jump into the world of hacking and earn thousands of bitcoins! To start your hacking career you must obviously turn on your device! Once your device has been turned on, you can then start to hack other systems and earn bitcoins! Each time you click the hack button you earn a set amount of bit. To increase the rate at which you can collect coins you can purchase scripting upgrades – the cost of a scripting upgrade increases for each purchase.

As you level up and progress you can buy additional upgrades such as a deadly email virus that generates large amounts of coins. Aside from the hacking, you can also accept side-missions – during these missions you have a set amount of time to enter a series of commands – if you complete the commands correctly in the time given you receive a lump sum of bits. As you level up, the time increases that you have to type the commands. Can you become a successful hacker and create a fortune for yourself?


This idle hacking game is developed by Krazune.


Game controls

Use your keyboard and mouse to play.
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