Hexa Knot

Hexa Knot

Hexa Knot is the super tricky puzzle game in which you must rearrange tiles to create the correct image on the screen. Use the knot colors and paths to align the correct tiles with one another, you will only complete the level when all of the tiles are in the correct order.

Be careful and tactical when you are moving the tiles as you can easily find yourself in a mess without knowing how to complete the puzzle. There are 5 different sizes of level to play on as you push yourself with a harder puzzle each time after completion. Good luck!

Release Date

July 2018


Nebula Bytes developed Hexa Knot.


  • A puzzle game that has jigsaw puzzle gameplay
  • 5 different sizes: tiny, small, medium, large, and huge
  • No time limit
  • Clean design


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS


Use left mouse button to choose a tile.