Halla is an awesome fighting game in which you must try and take town the opposing team’s totem pole. The fighting takes place automatically – all you have to do is take care of the unit building process and use the abilities at your disposal. This is a turn based game and you must use each turn carefully – you can place one new card in the playing field so think about your actions.

As the game progresses you can level up and improve the strength of your units, you can also use the spoils of battle to unlock new cards and units. This game has cool 2D graphics, an interesting card-based battle system and a myriad of fun units and abilities. Can you conquer the battlefield and eliminate your opponent’s pillar?

Release Date

March 6, 2018


Maksym Paradnia developed this game.


  • Epic 2D battle game set in a fixed hall-like area
  • Card battle system
  • Various units and abilities
  • You can click the head to earn more ashes
  • Changeable color theme based on the levels you have passed


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use left mouse button to choose a card.