Gods of Arena 2: Battles

Gods of Arena: Battles is an epic multiplayer version of the popular Gods of Arena gladiator title. Your aim is simple - control and train up a fierce gladiator and attempt to conquer the online arena. Before you start fighting in the arena, you can test your skills and earn some much-needed coins in the tavern - the tavern is basically a practice arena and vital to your progression.

The fighting mechanism is automatic - your character performs punches, kicks and eventually wields deadly weaponry to dispatch the enemy gladiators. You can however control the use of your special abilities - some weapons provide a special ability such as Smite or Concentrate. Use the coins you earn to purchase new weapons and armour from the blacksmith - each item has different bonus stats and some provide additional abilities. Continue to fight and develop your character and purchase some awesome equipment. Gods of Arena: Battles is an awesome Gladiator game and the multiplayer aspect is so much fun - step into the Colosseum today!

Release Date

January 2, 2018


Gods of Arena: Battles is developed by IriySoft.


  • You are attacking automatically in the battle
  • Various equipment to be bought and used
  • Level up your gladiator to make him stronger
  • Prestige system to earn special benefits


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Left click to play.

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