Go Kart Go Ultra

Go Kart Go Ultra is an immense racing game that has similarities to the legendary Mario Kart. In this game you must compete in a range of awesome races against other AI controlled kart champions.

You can earn trophies and unlock new and exciting tracks too. Don't forget to use your special attacks and power-ups to give you a boost and an advantage over your competition! If you want, you can play split screen with your friends too!

Release Date

The game was initially released as a Unity game in August 2014. The WebGL version has been available since April 2019.


Go Kart Go Ultra is made by Xform Games.


  • Cute characters to use
  • Unlockable new tracks and characters
  • Surprising attack or power-up that can be picked up from the boxes in the track
  • Two-player split-screen view
  • Beautiful graphics


  • Web browser
  • Android



  • To steer, player 1 use arrow keys and player 2 use WASD
  • To use an item, player 1 use space bar and player 2 use Q
  • To Jump and drift, player 1 use Shift and player 2 use Tab
  • To look back, player 1 use Z and player 2 use E
  • Esc or P to pause the game
  • M to mute sound
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