Gladiators of the Underworld: Remastered

Gladiators of the Underworld is an intense survival game in which you battle as a gladiator in an underworld arena. In the game, you control a wizard gladiator and need to eliminate all the enemies on the map. More enemies will appear in each new round and you must prepare yourself fully. After finishing a round, you can update your ability, e.g. increase melee attack or magic power. Choose wisely and focus on certain abilities to maximize your battling skills. How many rounds can you survive?


This is the remastered edition of the game.

Release Date

The game was initially released in February 2017. The remastered version has been available since March 2018, with the latest version available on CrazyGames since May 2020.


The game is created by Jeroen Reurings, who also made Blockader.


Web browser



  • Arrow or WASD keys: Move around (also diagonally)
  • The 'Z' key: wield your staff (you can also attack diagonally)
  • The 'X' key: perform a force push attack
  • The 'C' key: drop bombs (if you got bombs)
  • Move mouse: aim crosshair
  • Left mouse button: shoot fireball
  • Right mouse button: strike with lightning (if you got lightning bolts)
  • The 'Esc' key: when in fullscreen: exit full screen; When not in fullscreen: go to the menu
  • The 'F' key: enter fullscreen
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