Five Nations

Five Nations is an awesome real-time science fiction strategy game for both uses on PCs and browsers. In this game, you must attempt to battle it out and build an empire in space. You must manage your empire and take care of your economy and production.

You can play solo in a detailed campaign mode. The RTS strategy and gameplay is superb and the graphics are also fantastic. Test your own space skills and master the universe with your fleet!

Release Date

January 2019


Webellion developed Five Nations.


  • A beautiful science-fiction universe with an awesome galactic war between five intergalactic races
  • Action-paced and tactical real-time combat in space with advanced mechanisms
  • Full-featured environments, units, and space objects
  • Economy, construction, and production management systems
  • Inspired by the Starcraft series
  • English voice-overs


This is the early beta version, more awesome features are coming soon, including a multiplayer mode!


  • Web browser
  • Standalone program. You can download it via or Gamejolt.


If the game is stuck at the tutorial part: try hovering your mouse and finding (clicking) the Construction icon near the bottom right corner of the game area (located at the bottom left corner in the box).


  • Arrow keys to move the camera
  • Left mouse button to interact
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