Fisherman - Idle Fishing Clicker

Fisherman - Idle Fishing Clicker is a fisherman tycoon game in which you can grow your fishing company from scratch. This addictive tycoon clicker requires you to build your company by catching different types of fish and traveling across different seas. During your travels, you can collect rare items that are worth extra money.

Expand your company by hiring more staff and investing in better tackles to enable you to bring money in at an even faster rate. Your goal is to create a fishing empire that will eventually make you a billionaire. Get building your money-making company. Have fun!

Release Date

October 2018


Fisherman - Idle Fishing Clicker was developed by DonislawDev. You can follow the developer on Twitter and Facebook.

Special thanks to for the objects.

Wish to help with translate game to other languages? Contact the developer at [email protected]


  • A full-featured idle fishing game
  • A lot of upgrade options
  • You can prestige and travel to a new sea
  • Various decisions to make to help your company's future
  • Tutorial to help you playing the game
  • A lot more features!


  • Web browser
  • Android


To have the best experience, it is recommended to play in Chrome/Firefox 64 bit version (the latest version, with disabled extensions or no extensions). Before leaving the game you should click the Save button. From time to time, you should use Text Save.



Use your mouse to play the game.
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