Fire and Water Geometry Dash

Fire and Water Geometry Dash is another fantastic version of the hugely popular Geometry Dash browser game. In this title you must control the two elements of fire and water. You must match your element with the surrounding platform - you can only use your fire element on flaming lava fields, and you can only use your water element in water environments - use the space bar to switch between the different elements.

This adds a completely new element of gameplay to this fun series and you must time your jumps perfectly but also time your changes perfectly too otherwise your element will be destroyed and you will have to start from the beginning! Collect stars as you progress to purchase new avatars for your elements - how far can you progress in this Geometry Dash title?

Release Date

March 2018


  • Fast-paced arcade game to avoid various obstacles and successfully reach the exit
  • You control a cube character that can swap elements between fire and water
  • Flying mini-game
  • Customize your blocks' appearance using collected stars


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



  • Use left mouse button to jump
  • Press space bar to change element
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