Don't Whack Your Teacher

Don’t Whack Your Teacher is another cool episode from the “Whack Your” series – this title is another superb and hilarious stress reliever and allows you to play out some funny and gruesome kill scenes without actually doing any real-life physical harm! In this episode, you are stuck in your classroom and your teacher is giving you grief! All you can think about is how you wish to dispatch them!

Click on various objects in the classroom and watch as the cut-scene plays through – you will kill your teacher in a myriad of different ways, all of which are gruesome, bloody but hilarious! Try to find everything killing object and play through all of the cut scenes. If you enjoy this title, why not try Whack Your Boss and Whack Your Neighbor

Release Date

December 2010


  • More than 10 objects that you can use to bloodily whack your teacher
  • Cool voice acting and nice music
  • The scene takes place in the teacher's office


  • Web browser



Left click to choose an object.
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