Cividlization is a fun idle game based on the hugely popular Civilisation game. To start with you must create hunter-gatherers – these units will provide your citizens with food and gold. As your gold increases you can research different technologies using the science tab such as farming and spears. As you research more technologies you can create additional structures such as a granary.

Each time your population increases you gain a new idle worker – you can then assign a job to the worker such as farming or infantry. Each worker requires food so be sure to keep a close watch on your food levels and production. Miners can collect materials to produce new buildings so keep a balance of farmers and miners. Keep researching new technologies and developing your civilization – you can progress through the ages and unlock some cool tech such as industrialisation, medicine and motorization. This game has great playability and the great thing is, is that you can leave it running and your workers will continue to produce! Can you create an immense civilisation that will last the ages? Developer Cividlization is made by indie developer ToChangeLater as a tribute to the original Civilization games.


Left click to play.
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