Cheap Golf

Cheap Golf is a superb golfing gaming with retro pixelated graphics and fun comedic gameplay. The game bot SUSAN has challenged you to complete every level and you must try and complete them in as little shots as possible. The 2D graphics are reminiscent of old Atari games and the music is cool too.

This is just the demo version with only a handful of levels, but you can obtain the full version and play through over 60 different challenging golf levels. How will your stroke fair? Can you show SUSAN who is the golfing boss?

Release Date

September 2017


This is the demo version of Cheap Golf that contains only the first episode with 60 playable levels. You can purchase the full version on to play the complete game.


Cheap Golf was made by Pixeljam.


  • Physics-based gameplay
  • 2D pixel graphics
  • A touch of humor in the game
  • Creative mini golf courses


  • Web browser
  • Steam



Drag left mouse button backwards to aim, release to shoot the ball.
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