Candy Match
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Candy Match

Candy Match is a superb match-three game in which you must try and match together a variety of delicious candies! You must try and complete each level and meet the required objectives. There are many levels to play, and it surely entertains you for a long time!

Look out for candy combos that can give you a score boost and clear multiple candies at once. The graphics are cool and the gameplay is truly addictive. Can you show off your match-three skills and complete every level?

Release Date

November 2018


Candy Match is developed by FreezeNova.


  • Inspired by Candy Crush gameplay
  • 50 levels with a unique mission
  • Four power-ups
  • Clean graphics with amazing effects
  • Candy combos


Candy Match is a web browser game.


Drag left mouse button to move swap candies.