Boundland is a unique puzzle game with interesting gameplay mechanics. In this title, you must control a small creature and attempt to reach the star on each level – to move your creature you must launch them like a catapult and help them bounce off of different surfaces etc. Simply click and drag your left mouse button and then release to launcher your character – you can put more power into your shot and change the angle too.

Throughout each mission you will encounter a myriad of different obstacles and puzzles such as spikes, locked platforms and tight corners. Use your logic and skill to navigate through each level and think about the position and power of your launches. You can play through the various missions or compete in an endless arcade mode to truly test your skill and endurance. Jump into Boundland today and start launching!

Release Date

Initially released as mobile apps in August 2017. Starting February 2018, Boundland can be played online.


Silen Games developed Boundland.


  • Drag and drop gameplay with fully controllable launch power and directions
  • Dark atmosphere and cool animations
  • Two game modes, story and arcade
  • Collectable crystals that can be used to buy power-ups and play bonus stage
  • Claimable gift to customize your character's appearance


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS



Drag left mouse button to launch the character.
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