Big Shot Boxing

Big Shot Boxing allows you to work your way through the ranks to become a professional boxer. The controls of this boxing title are simple - use the right and left arrows to perform a jab and a cross hook, and use the x key to perform a deadly uppercut. Don't forget to block using the Z key and avoid incoming punches from your opponents.

The graphics are retro and the boxing is intense. You must fight a wave of different opponents and climb your way up the professional ladder. As you progress your matches will become tougher and you must work increasingly hard to knock your opponents out! Can you become a big shot boxer?

Release Date

December 2017


Colin Lane made this game.


  • A professional boxing game with 2D graphics
  • Choose the way you like to fight
  • Upgradeable character
  • You can customize the character's equipment color
  • Unlock more boxers using the career points
  • Career and quick fight mode


This game is a web browser game. We also have the Android and iOS versions.



  • Right arrow to jab
  • Left arrow to do right cross punch
  • X to do uppercut
  • Hold Z to block
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