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Afton's Nightmare is the dark survival game in which you must escape the evil animatronics once again. After beating FNaF: Sister Location Custom Night, theb terror continues.

You must monitor the movements of the robots using the camera monitors and interact with your environment to hide under the desks and avoid getting caught. Study your environment and formulate a plan to escape to mad house. There are multiple animatronics lurking around so be vigilant and do not get caught. Good luck!

Release Date

May 2017


tddorn made Afton's Nightmare.


  • This is a custom made game based on Five Nights at Freddy series
  • Cameras to monitor
  • Some animatronics, for example, Golden Freddy and Circus Baby
  • Dark environment
  • You can hide under the desk


Web browser



  • Use your mouse to look around
  • Press left mouse button to interact
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