Adam and Eve: Golf

Adam and Eve: Golf is another installment of the Adam and Eve game series and this time Adam has found himself a stick to hit a ball around with. He keeps trying to get it into the hole in as little hits as possible, wait, this sounds a lot like golf! Perhaps he invented it all those years ago without even realizing.

This fun golf game requires to aim carefully and control your power to hit the ball into the hole, the more shots that you take the lower your score will be. There will be hazardous objects and obstacles to avoid so make sure that you aim carefully to get the ball into the hole. Have fun!

Release Date

July 2018


Adam and Eve: Golf is developed by Functu.


  • A fun golf game with Adam from the Adam and Eve series
  • Prehistoric maps
  • 48 levels with 3 different background locations
  • Different obstacles, like burning lava and pterodactyl
  • Achievements to complete


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Hold left mouse and drag to aim, release to shoot.

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