4x4 Off-Road Racing
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4x4 Off-Road Racing

4x4 Off-Road Racing is the awesome off road racing game in which you can control a selection of radical 4x4 vehicles. This 3D racing allows you to drive through all sorts of different courses filled with bumpy and difficult terrains. There are 15 different levels to choose to play on all that will keep the casual player or the expert entertained.

Master each course whilst collecting coins, using your nitro and being first to the finish line. Use the coins that you have earned to exchange for better upgrades to your vehicles or even new vehicles to use. Have fun!

Release Date

August 2018


  • Fun and challenging off-road racing experience.
  • Save gold and buy from up to 10 different vehicles.
  • Upgrade and enhance your off-road vehicle’s performance.
  • Classic controls using the arrow buttons.


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