Enter a blocky 3D world of endless possibilities. Voxar.io is a cool building game in which you can use your imagination to create literally anything you can think of! You can move around the 3D world and place different colored blocks. You can use these blocks to create buildings, writing, sculptures, animals - literally anything you can conjure up in your mind!

There is a plethora of different colors to choose from and as the world is persistent and online, you can extend what other users are building and work on projects together. The controls are simple - use view mode to move freely around the map, and use build mode to place new blocks and create structures etc. Pick mode allows you to copy existing blocks, and destroy mode lets you remove blocks already built. Let your imagination run free and enter the world of Voxar today!



  • WASD to move
  • 1234 to access tool
  • Enter to chat
  • Space bar to enter options
  • Left click to choose a color and place a block
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